Reiki Sessions & Training

$95.00 - $1,025.00
  • Reiki Sessions & Training

You are just a few steps away from the self-investment that will catapult you into the highest, healthiest, and most effective version of yourself.

Holy Fire® III is the newest evolution of Reiki that honors the traditional Usui system and blends with the paradigm our world is currently in. It guides us to let go of seeking outside of ourselves for divine love and compassion to instead connect through the infinite wisdom we intuitively have within.

Perhaps you are a healer and want to expand your Holy Fire® III Reiki repertoire by learning the intense, fine art of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki III. My Holy Fire® III Reiki classes will equip you with the knowledge, skill, and spiritual alignment to be the intercessor for delivering this unique, ancient technique

Because healing occurs on many levels, here are some purchase options to suit where you are on your journey to complete wholeness and well-being. Sessions require a minimum of one hour.