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You’re in the right place! I can help!
I’m experienced in transitional, transactional, and transformational coaching. Health and wellness are the foundation of my life as a personal trainer and yogi. Previously, my background in Human Resources and Project Management is in coaching through to career transitions and entrepreneurship.

What is Coaching?

A coach explores challenges or obstacles with a client, through a series of thought-provoking conversations, and works collaboratively with the client to design action plans that will better enable the client to achieve her own goals. Coaching is “partnering” with clients in a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (Goldvarg)

Our mission is to help guide you into living a full harmonious life. We achieve this by coaching in a way that challenges you to improve, enhance, and maintain sufficient levels of engagement in various areas of wellness.

Areas of coaching:

Physical Health/ Fit & Flexibility
Mental/ Emotional Health
Stress Management
Spiritual Health
Relationship Health
Healthy Boundaries
Career Transitions
Entrepreneurial Life Balance
Financial Wealth development
Play/ Fun/ Leisure